Watercolour Zoom ​Online Workshop​s and Tutorials with artist David Harvey
every Tuesday

How it works : click the Buy a Ticket link  to buy a Ticket for the zoom meeting,
to Join me LIVE online every Tuesday for a 2 hour Watercolour Workshop.

10:30am -11:00am (GMT) : Welcome chat & Technique based on our subject Painting
11:00-12:30pm: Main Lesson -

The cost of the 120 minute lesson is just £6 (plus small fee covering the online ticketing ).
I've added a  list of recommended materials below,
You'll receive and email with the Zoom meeting link and details plus  the subject reference picture(s) in good time prior to the meeting start.

To reduce costs you can join as a regular and buy a monthly pass for £20 please contact David to arrange., this will also include your own Gallery page to display the works we do together.

Post-lesson: free every Friday  inspiration session relaxed feedback to coffee chat. ✅
you'll receive a link for the Friday morning 10.30am - 11.30am (GMT) session

and the Video link of the latest Tuesday Zoom Watercolour session 
I look forward to painting with you! 

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Further Zoom Details
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Current Online Art workshop projects

If you'd like to join in, here are some items I'll be using - don't worry if you don't have these, it's just a guide for your reference:

Paper & Brushes

Paper -
Personally I don't have a favourite brand, but I do use mostly a "Not" finished paper and buy the heaviest weight I can afford at the time. names / brands that come to mind are Seawhites/Jacksons/Bockingford/Saunders Waterford/Lanfgton just so many - steer clear of £1 land watercolour pads that are like blotting papr.
I tend to stretch my paper to a board, it's really easy watch my video here.
Brushes -
I surpisingly use few brushes - favourites / most used revolve around Terry Harrison brushes available online -
Medium/Large Mop Brush - perfect for big areas such as sky and foregrond. Squirell hair is best as it holds the most water.Rigger Brush - a longer thin brush, perfect for branches, railings and long thin lines - the most important brush of all used to tighten and finalise our painting - invaluable.

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Paint - a good starting out set and my favourite are the St Petersburg lasts for years simply top up from tubes as you need to.
but a good pallette should contin
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber
Sap Green
Alazarin Crimson
Any Red you fancy.
Chinese WhiteOther Equipment -Water Pot - I usually use two used large yogurt tubs.Atomiser - a fine mist water sprayRoll of Tissue - helps to dry a brush if needed, mop up dripsHairdryer - to speed up the drying processPencil - for preliminary sketchMasking Fluid -Palette - with several large wells to ensure enough space for mixing

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