Daves Watercolour Class Notes

Current Working Palette and Paints

Current working palette originally for portraits but seems to have taken over as the daily working go to
 mostly using St Petersburg watercolor paints.
I started off buying the pans but now just buy the tubes to top them up - and for flexibility.

 The White Gouache I like to use is LEFRANC BOURGEOIS Linel Gouache Extra-Fine  - you're best bet is search google etc online - not always easy to find the 60Ml tubes - I'm currently used Zinc white - but there is a Titanium White I'll try out when back in stock - it's not that mission critical anywhere - its just to aid the fine smoothing and blending the painting with a damp brush a few days down the line when all is nice and dry. 


The brushes I'm using especially for Portrait work are the Evergreen Flat (No 6) and Pointed Round (No5) hand made brushes brushes from Rosemary & Co.